The discussion about specialized IP courts has been around for a long time. P rights protection does not have a long tradition in Poland and infringement disputes have been relatively few, several dozen per year. The number of disputes has been increasing for several years. In 2010, 296 cases of intellectual property were filed with the courts, 619 in 2014, and 722 in the year 2014 (Puls Biznesu, 17-19 March 2017).
So far cases of infringement of exclusive rights and principles of fair competition have been dealt with by common civil courts. So the little experience of Polish judiciary in such cases has been complained over. Therefore court disputes have been avoided which affected the level of protection of intellectual property in Poland.
The only specialized IP court is the Court of Community Trade Marks and Industrial Designs, which is responsible for examining infringements of EU trade marks and Community industrial designs. Its effective functioning confirms the need for specialization of the courts in cases of infringement of all IP rights, not only those protected uniformly in the EU.
It seems that implementation of IP courts in Poland has been determined. However there is still no outline for the reform. In January 2017, the first meeting of the team on the development of the intellectual property courts project was held at the Ministry of Justice. We will keep an eye on the progressing works.